SKYLION H300 Wired 104 Keys Membrane Keyboard Many Kinds of Colorful Lighting Gaming and Office For Windows and IOS System


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SKYLION H300 Wired 104 Keys Membrane Keyboard Many Kinds of Colorful Lighting Gaming and Office For Windows and IOS System

$21.99 $14.99

SKYLION H300 Wired 104 Keys Membrane Keyboard Many Kinds of Colorful Lighting Gaming and Office For Windows and IOS System

$21.99 $14.99
Color: white-pink

The SKYLiON keyboard is a versatile and reliable input device designed to meet the needs of various applications, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and numeric keypads. With its MEMBRANE operation style, this keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience suitable for extended use. Featuring a standard style, the SKYLiON keyboard comes packaged with everything you need for easy setup and use. Its USB interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it a convenient choice for users who require a reliable keyboard for multiple devices. One of the standout features of the SKYLiON keyboard is its MULTICOLOR backlighting, which adds a touch of style and functionality. The backlighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the keyboard but also improves visibility in low-light conditions, allowing for comfortable typing at any time of day. With 104 keys, including a full-sized layout, the SKYLiON keyboard provides all the functionality you need for efficient typing and navigation. The absence of a wrist support may be a consideration for users who prioritize ergonomics, but the keyboard's overall design ensures comfortable typing for most users. The keycaps of the SKYLiON keyboard are made of ABS plastic, a durable material that can withstand daily use without showing signs of wear. This ensures that the keyboard remains in top condition even after extended use, making it a reliable choice for users who require a durable input device. One of the key features that sets the SKYLiON keyboard apart is its hot-swappable switches. This feature allows users to easily replace switches without the need for soldering, making it easy to customize the keyboard to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a different type of switch for gaming, typing, or general use, the hot-swappable switches of the SKYLiON keyboard make it easy to tailor the keyboard to your needs. The SKYLiON keyboard is manufactured in Mainland China and is CE certified, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. The keyboard is designed to provide a reliable and comfortable typing experience for users in English-speaking regions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.



Technical Details

Application: Desktop, Laptop, Number, Tablet Applications supported by the keyboard
Brand Name: SKYLiON The brand name of the keyboard
Operation Style: MEMBRANE The type of key switches used in the keyboard
Style: Standard The style of the keyboard
Package: Yes Whether the keyboard comes in a package
Interface Type: USB The type of interface used to connect the keyboard
Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR The type of backlighting in the keyboard
Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys The number of keys on the keyboard
Full Size keyboard: Yes Whether the keyboard is full-sized
Wrist Support: No Whether the keyboard has a wrist support
Keycup material: ABS plastic The material used for the keycaps
Switches Hot swap: YES Whether the keyboard supports hot-swappable switches
Origin: Mainland China The country of origin of the keyboard
Certification: CE The certification the keyboard has obtained
Language: English The language of the keyboard
Type: WIRED The type of connection used by the keyboard
Choice: Yes Whether the keyboard is a choice

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