Want to make your stage performances unforgettable? The Lokchonk Metal SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is designed for professional singers and vocal enthusiasts. With its renowned cardioid polar pattern, this microphone excels at isolating your voice from background noise, ensuring your performance is always in the spotlight.

The dynamic transducer provides robust and clear sound, perfect for stage singing, karaoke, BBOX, and vocal recording. This handheld microphone is part of a multi-microphone kit, offering versatility for various setups and performances. Certified by CE, the Lokchonk SM58 guarantees reliable and high-quality performance.

Packaged with care, this microphone is ready to elevate your singing experience. Its small diaphragm captures every nuance of your voice, delivering studio-quality sound even in live environments.

Enhance your performances further by pairing the Lokchonk SM58 with our Premium Microphone Stand and Shock Mount, providing stability and reducing unwanted vibrations for crystal-clear audio.


Technical Details

Brand Name Lokchonk
Transducer Dynamic Microphone
Set Type Multi-Microphone Kits
Style Handheld Microphone
Package Yes
Polar Patterns Cardioid
Certification CE
Diaphragm Small
Communication Wired



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