Looking for a convenient and effective way to clean your wooden floors and other surfaces? Meet the SDARISB Magic Spray Mop, the ultimate cleaning tool for your home! This innovative mop features a 360-degree handle and reusable microfiber pads, making cleaning windows, kitchen floors, and more a breeze.

Tired of traditional mops that leave your floors soaking wet? The SDARISB Magic Spray Mop is designed for quick and easy cleaning, with a spray function that dispenses water or cleaning solution as you mop. Say goodbye to bulky buckets and messy floors!

Made from high-quality microfiber fabric, this mop is not only eco-friendly but also highly absorbent, ensuring your floors dry in seconds. The aluminum pole and Grade 9.0-9.9 corrosion resistance grade make this mop durable and long-lasting.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the SDARISB Magic Spray Mop. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, cleaning has never been easier or more efficient. Say hello to sparkling clean floors and surfaces with the SDARISB Magic Spray Mop.


Technical Details

Brand Name SDARISB
Material Microfibre Fabric
Type Hook & Loop Type
Capacity <300ml
Shape Rectangle
Pole Material Aluminum
Corrosion Resistance Grade Grade 9.0-9.9
Absorption <10 seconds
Mop Rod Type Hoisting Rod + Plastic Tray
Head Shape Rectangle
Feature Eco-Friendly
Heat Up Time (min) <1
Mophead Quantity 1
Mop Rod Load-bearing >10kg
Dehydration Rate 90% -100%
Wringing Method Sliding Type
Mop Head Material POLYESTER
Component Type Metal Basket + Plastic Pedal
Packaging With 1 Mophead
Continuous Steaming Time <15 minutes
Handle Type Unextensible
Weight <2kg


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