The ALLOYSEED Kids Digital Photo Camera is not just a camera – it's a gateway to a world of creativity and fun for kids! With its instant print, video recording, and picture-taking capabilities, this camera offers endless possibilities for young photographers.

Designed specifically for children, this camera features a fixed focus optical zoom that is suitable for their photography needs. The CMOS sensor element ensures good image quality, while the 4/3-inch sensor size is perfect for kids' cameras. Although it lacks image stabilization, this feature is not typically necessary for this type of camera.

The camera's 2.4-inch IPS screen offers a clear display, allowing for easy viewing of photos and settings. Made of durable ABS plastic, the camera's shell ensures safety for kids during use. With a printing resolution of 203dpi and a printing speed of 40-80mm/s, this camera provides clear and quick prints. The thermal ink-free black and white printing surface is convenient and mess-free, making it perfect for kids.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to spark your child's creativity – order the ALLOYSEED Kids Digital Photo Camera today and watch their imagination soar.


Technical Details

Brand Name ALLOYSEED, known for quality electronic products
Optical Zoom Fixed Focus, suitable for children's photography needs
Sensor Element Type CMOS, providing good image quality
Sensor Size (inches) 4/3 inches, a decent size for a child's camera
Image Stabilization No, but not typically needed for this type of camera
Origin Mainland China, a common manufacturing location for electronics
Image Resolution (Video) 480i/P(720*480), suitable for kids' videos
Focal Length 18-55 mm, providing a range for different types of shots
Display Size 2" - 3", allowing for easy viewing of photos and settings
Effective MegaPixel 24MP, providing decent image quality
Certification None, but meets basic safety standards
Application Scenarios Nature, ideal for outdoor adventures
Model Q5, a specific model of the camera
Color Pink, blue (optional), appealing to both girls and boys
Screen size 2.4 inch IPS screen, offering a clear display
Shell material ABS plastic, durable and safe for kids
Printing resolution 203dpi, ensuring clear prints
Printing speed 40-80mm/s, for quick prints
Printing surface Thermal ink-free black and white printing, convenient and mess-free
Battery capacity 800mAh, providing decent usage time

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