Introducing the Robovacs Handheld Mini Fan, a convenient and creative solution to stay cool on the go! With its portable design and USB charging capability, this fan is perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag.

Featuring a power of 2.5W and a voltage of 5V, this fan provides a refreshing natural wind. It has a maximum power of less than 20W, making it energy-efficient.

The fan is easy to install with its box design and offers rotary vane air supply for effective cooling. It is CE certified, ensuring safety and quality.

Made of durable plastic, this fan is powered by a battery for wireless convenience. The mechanical timer control allows you to set the fan operation time.

With three rotary vanes, this fan offers three different speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow to your liking. Its compact size of less than 1050MM makes it easy to carry and use anywhere. Stay cool and comfortable with the Robovacs Handheld Mini Fan.


Technical Details

Brand Name Robovacs
Power (W) 2.5W
Voltage (V) 5V
Wind Type Natural Wind
Max. Power <20W
Installation Box
Air supply mode Rotary Vane
Certification CE
Material Plastic
Power Source Battery
Controlling Mode Mechanical Timer Control
Rotary Vane Quantity 3
Size <1050MM
Fan Speed Third Gear

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