Looking for an efficient and versatile way to clean your jewelry, watches, glasses, and more? Introducing the GTSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath, a powerful and compact cleaning solution designed to restore the sparkle to your valuables with ease. With a 600ML capacity and operating at 35W and 40kHz, this ultrasonic cleaner effectively removes dirt and grime from even the most intricate items.

The GTSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner features advanced ultrasonic technology that generates microscopic bubbles to reach every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean. Ideal for jewelry, watches, rings, glasses, manicure tools, nail stones, cutters, razors, and brushes, this cleaner offers a professional-grade clean right at home.

Certified by ROHS and CE, the GTSONIC Ultrasonic Cleaner guarantees safety and reliability. Choose between EU or US plugs to fit your needs. Elevate your cleaning experience by adding a built-in water shortage alarm for added convenience and peace of mind.


Technical Details

Brand Name GTSONIC
Capacity 500-700ml
Power (W) 35W
Voltage (V) 100V or 220V
Certification ROHS, CE
Type Ultrasonic Cleaner
Model Number VGT-800
Ultrasonic Frequency 40kHz
Plug EU plug or US plug



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