Looking for a camera that's perfect for your budding young photographer? The STUOGYUM DC403 Children's Camera is designed with kids in mind, offering easy-to-use features and a durable design. With 16x zoom, this compact camera allows children to explore their creativity and capture high-quality photos and videos.

Equipped with a CMOS sensor and 4/3-inch sensor size, this camera delivers clear and detailed images. The multiple image stabilization feature ensures that even shaky hands can capture stable and sharp photos and videos.

The STUOGYUM DC403 features a periscope lens for unique and creative shots. The 1080i/P video resolution (1920*1080) allows kids to record their adventures in stunning clarity.

With a focal length of 4.5-54mm and an effective megapixel range of 36.01W-50MP, this camera offers versatility for a variety of shooting situations. The 2" - 3" display size makes it easy for kids to frame their shots and review their photos and videos.

Weighing between 201g-300g, this camera is lightweight and easy for children to carry. The lithium battery power mode ensures long-lasting performance, so your little photographer can keep capturing memories.

Upgrade your child's photography experience with accessories like a camera case for added protection, a memory card for more storage space, and a tripod for stable shots. The STUOGYUM DC403 Children's Camera is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of photography and inspire their creativity.


Technical Details

Model DC403
Optical Zoom Fixed Focus
Sensor Element Type CMOS
Sensor Size (inches) 4/3 inches
Image Stabilization Multiple Image Stabilization
Image Resolution (Video) 1080i/P (1920*1080)
Focal Length 4.5-54 mm
Display Size 2" - 3"
Recording Format Picture: JPEG, Video: AVI
Lens Type Periscope Lens
Effective MegaPixel 36.01W-50MP
SLR Format Full frame
Weight 201g-300g
Supporting Languages French, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Viewfinder Type LCD screen
Memory Card Type MicroSD / TF
Sensor Type CMOS
Set Type Fuselage
Storage Type SD Card
Screen Type Standard Screen
Power Mode Lithium Battery

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