Introducing the Curls Define Styling Brush, a versatile and essential tool for achieving beautifully defined curls and effortlessly detangling hair. Designed with boar bristles, this brush provides a gentle yet effective way to shape and define curls, making it perfect for both home and salon use.

Crafted from durable plastic, the Curls Define Styling Brush is lightweight and easy to handle. Its 22 cm size makes it convenient for daily use and travel. This multi-functional brush serves as a shaping and defining tool, a classic detangling brush, and a women's curly hair comb, catering to all your styling needs.

The boar bristles help distribute natural oils from the scalp, enhancing hair's shine and reducing frizz. This brush is also ideal for scalp massage, promoting blood circulation and overall hair health. Suitable for wet and dry hair, it detangles without causing breakage, making it a reliable tool for maintaining curly hair.

Whether you're looking to achieve fluffy, voluminous curls or simply detangle your hair with ease, the Curls Define Styling Brush is the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

Technical Details

Material Plastic
Number of Pieces One Unit
Model Number Curl Defining Brush
Size 22 cm
Item Type Comb
Type Shaping & Defining Curls/ Hair Fluffy Comb/ Scalp Massage Brush/ Women's Curly Hair Comb

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