The Wireless Flash Strobe Siren is a versatile and reliable alarm system component designed for home security. With its compact size of 818136.15mm, it can be easily integrated into any home setup. The siren operates at a power of DC5V 1A, ensuring efficient performance. This siren features a wireless connection type, making it convenient to install without the need for complex wiring. It is part of the Door/Window Sensor kit configuration and is armed using an FR Remote-controller. The siren has a Zone Number of 20, providing extensive coverage for your home. Certified with CE, this alarm system is designed to provide reliable and effective security. It does not require a password keyboard for operation. The siren does not have a video interface or display, keeping its operation simple and straightforward.


Technical Details

Model Number PE-519R
Size 81*81*36.15mm
Connection Type WireLess
Kit Configuration Door/Window Sensor
Arming Type FR Remote-controller
Power DC5V 1A
Zone Number 20
Certification CE
Alarm Type The Alarm
Smart home platform none
Output Number 20

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