VODOOL JK02 Telescopic Gamepad


VODOOL JK02 Telescopic Gamepad

$43.99 $31.99

VODOOL JK02 Telescopic Gamepad

$43.99 $31.99
Color: 2-in-1
Ships From: CHINA

The VODOOL Telescopic Gamepad is a mobile gaming companion designed for immersive gaming experiences on the go. Crafted with precision in Mainland China, this controller offers exceptional performance and reliability for staying ahead in your favorite mobile games. Equipped with a telescopic design, the VODOOL Telescopic Gamepad provides a secure fit for your mobile phone, allowing for comfortable and precise controls. Whether you're racing, battling, or exploring virtual worlds, this controller enhances your gameplay to new heights. Certified with CE, this controller meets international quality and safety standards, ensuring a worry-free gaming session. Its wireless connectivity provides gaming freedom without tangled cables, allowing you to game anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your mobile gaming experience with the VODOOL Telescopic Gamepad. Immerse yourself in the action, conquer new challenges, and dominate the virtual world with precision and style.


Technical Details

Brand Name VODOOL
Trigger Button Type none
Origin Mainland China
Type Gamepads
Model Number Gamepads
Certification none
Telescopic Gamepad Mobile Phone Controller
Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller Phone Game Controller
Compatible For IOS/Switch/Android

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