Looking for the perfect pair of headphones that can keep up with your busy lifestyle? Look no further than the eithen Headworn Earphone TWS Wireless Headphones! These headphones are designed to provide not only comfort but also efficiency, especially for calls. Imagine having crystal-clear sound with the dynamic vocalism principle and active noise cancellation technology, making every call a breeze.

The over-ear design ensures a comfortable fit for extended use, while the use of durable ABS material guarantees longevity. The memory foam headphone pads provide not only comfort but also sound isolation, enhancing your overall audio experience.

With wireless Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones are easy to pair with your devices. The control button allows you to manage music playback, answer calls, and adjust volume levels with ease. Plus, they support memory cards, so you can store your favorite audio files directly on the headphones.

These headphones meet the highest quality and safety standards. They are also compatible with voice assistants, giving you hands-free control of your device. Whether you're at an internet bar, office, or enjoying outdoor activities, these headphones are perfect for any environment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your audio experience. Say goodbye to mediocre sound quality and hello to premium audio with the eithen Headworn Earphone TWS Wireless Headphones. Grab your pair today and experience the difference.


Technical Details

Design and Build Over-ear design for comfortable fit; Made of durable ABS material; Memory foam headphone pads for comfort and sound isolation.
Sound Quality Dynamic vocalism principle for clear sound; Active noise cancellation technology for reduced background noise.
Connectivity and Controls Supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity; Control button for music playback, call answering, and volume adjustment; Volume control for personalized audio levels.
Certification and Features CE certified; Supports memory card for storing audio files; Compatible with voice assistants.
Usage and Functions Suitable for listening to music, making calls, and gaming; Designed for use in various environments; Active noise cancellation for immersive audio experience.

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